How Long Should an Auto Oil Pump Last?

An auto oil pump works to pressurize the oil and then push the oil throughout your vehicle’s engine. In most cases, an auto oil pump is expected to last the life of your car’s engine. This, however, also depends on how well the car was maintained, if the oil changes were done as suggested by the car’s manufacturer and several other factors. One of the ways to tell if your car’s oil pump is defective is to check your vehicle’s oil pressure gauge. If the oil pressure is low, add half a quart of oil at a time to see if the pressure increases. It’s important not to add multiple quarts at a time. By closing monitoring the oil pressure as each half quart is added, you can tell if your oil pump needs to be replaced. However, be sure to check the oil level after each full quart is added. You can do so by checking the oil dipstick. If the level increases and the oil pressure remains low, that’s a telltale sign of an oil pump that needs replacement.

Oil level, oil capacity and oil pressure vary substantially from vehicle to vehicle, so we recommend checking your vehicle’s maintenance and repair manuals for a more comprehensive overview.

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